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Ultimate Souvenir Guide for Cebu Island – Top 15 Recommendations to Take Home the Local Flavor While Transiting at Cebu Mactan Airport

One of the joys of traveling is selecting souvenirs that embody the culture and climate of the visited place. Cebu Island, with its rich nature and unique culture, creates unforgettable memories for travelers. However, with so many options, it can be challenging to decide what to choose. This article introduces 16 carefully selected souvenirs to bring back from Cebu Island, ranging from food to beauty products and unique trinkets, embodying the essence of Cebu. These souvenirs will make your trip to Cebu Island even more special.

Top 15 Souvenirs to Pick from Cebu Island

Food Edition

  1. Dried Mangoes
    Cebu Island’s dried mangoes are known for their sweet and rich flavor. Perfect for snacking or as ingredients in sweets, they’ll remind you of Cebu Island’s sunshine even after returning to Japan.

Small bag (about 100g) costs around 50 to 150 PHP ($0.9 to $2.7 USD), and a large bag (500g to 1kg) around 300 to 600 PHP ($5.4 to $10.7 USD).

  1. Banana Chips
    The crunchy texture and natural sweetness of banana chips make them addictive. They’re an ideal snack for when you’re slightly hungry or for children’s snacks.

Small bag (about 100g) costs around 40 to 100 PHP ($0.7 to $1.7 USD), and a large bag (500g) around 150 to 300 PHP ($2.7 to $5.4 USD).

  1. Pancit Canton
    Pancit Canton is one of the traditional noodle dishes in the Philippines, made by stir-frying long, thin noodles with chicken, pork, shrimp, and various vegetables like garlic, onions, cabbage, carrots, and celery, usually seasoned with soy sauce or fish sauce. It’s a colorful and nutritionally balanced dish, indispensable in Filipino homes and during festive occasions.

Package (dried noodles) costs around 50 to 100 PHP ($0.9 to $1.8 USD), and a single serving at restaurants around 200 to 400 PHP ($3.6 to $7.2 USD).

  1. OTAP
    OTAP, originating from Cebu Island, is a traditional pastry made by layering thin, light dough and baking it to create a crispy texture. Flavored with vanilla or butter and coated with sugar on the surface, its unique texture makes it a perfect companion for tea or coffee. It is sold in small packages, making it a popular souvenir from Cebu.

Small bag (about 100g) costs around 50 to 150 PHP ($0.9 to $2.7 USD), and a large box around 200 to 400 PHP ($3.6 to $7.2 USD).

  1. Chicharon
    Chicharon, a snack made from fried pork skin, is popular in the Philippines. The skin is salted, dried, and then fried at high temperatures, creating a snack with a crunchy exterior and slightly soft interior. Commonly served with vinegar or chili sauce, it’s a favorite beer snack and is loved in Filipino cuisine worldwide.

Small bag (about 50g) costs around 30 to 70 PHP ($0.5 to $1.3 USD), and a large bag (200g) around 100 to 200 PHP ($1.7 to $3.4 USD).

  1. Banana Ketchup
    The unique banana ketchup of the Philippines can rejuvenate the taste of dishes, making it an interesting souvenir.

Around 20 to 50 PHP ($0.36 to $0.9 USD) per bottle.

Beauty Cosmetics Edition

 7. Virgin Coconut Oil
Packed with nature’s blessings, virgin coconut oil can be used for skincare and haircare.

A small bottle (about 250ml) costs around 100 to 300 PHP ($1.78 to $5.4 USD), and a large bottle (500ml or more) around 500 to 1000 PHP ($8.9 to $17.9 USD).

  1. Papaya Soap
    Papaya soap contains natural whitening agents, offering noticeable skin tone lightening with continued use.

Around 50 to 100 PHP ($0.9 to $1.8 USD) per piece.

  1. Human Nature Products
    Human Nature is a Philippine brand offering natural and organic products. Their range includes skincare, haircare, body care, and baby care products, utilizing local ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and calamansi. Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, and SLS, they are suitable for sensitive skin and eco-conscious consumers.

Skincare products cost around 100 PHP to 200-300 PHP ($1.8 to $5.4 USD), varying by product.

  1. THE BODY SHOP Moringa Series
    THE BODY SHOP’s Moringa series uses extracts from moringa flowers, known for their high nutritional value and skin benefits. The series includes body butter, shower gel, body scrub, soap, and body mist, each featuring a floral moringa scent. Suitable especially for dry seasons, these products moisturize and nourish the skin, making them popular as souvenirs or special gifts from Cebu Island, celebrated by fans worldwide for bringing the richness of Filipino nature to their skincare routine.

Each product costs around 300 PHP to 2000-3000 PHP ($5.4 to $53.5 USD), varying by product.

  1. Hand Gel
    Hand gel, useful during travel and everyday use, comes in various scents and designs.

Around 50 to 150 PHP ($0.9 to $2.7 USD) depending on the volume.

Trinkets & Accessories Edition

12. Tropical Accessories
Accessories made from shells or nuts offer a sense of Cebu Island’s nature, making them special souvenirs.

Prices start at around 50 PHP, varying by design. T-shirts: Around 200 to 600 PHP ($3.6 to $10.7 USD).

  1. T-shirts
    T-shirts printed with “Cebu” are perfect souvenirs, casual yet capturing the essence of Cebu Island.

Around 200 to 600 PHP ($3.6 to $10.7 USD).

  1. Fashion Items
    Colorful and unique fashion items are distinctive of Cebu Island, suitable for beach fashion and everyday wear.

Prices vary widely, generally around 300 PHP to 2000-3000 PHP ($5.4 to $53.5 USD).

  1. Caohagan Quilts
    Handmade Caohagan quilts offer warmth and are wonderful as both decor and practical items.

Caohagan quilts, handmade on the small island of Caohagan in the Philippines, blend traditional techniques with contemporary designs. Made with both new and recycled materials, these quilts feature vivid colors and delicate patterns.

Being handmade, prices range widely from 2000 PHP to 30000 PHP ($36 to $540).

Souvenir Shops & Shopping Malls

Cebu Island boasts a variety of shopping malls like Ayala Center Cebu and SM Seaside City Cebu, offering a wide range of souvenirs. Shops like Kultura and Island Souvenir also provide unique Cebu items. Consider visiting these shops when looking for souvenirs.

Ayala Mall
33 minutes drive from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines)

SM Seaside City Cebu
33 minutes drive from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu South Coastal Rd, Antuwanga, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines)


Cebu Island, with its beautiful nature and unique culture, offers a captivating destination. The souvenirs introduced here represent just a glimpse of what it offers. Choose items to commemorate your trip to Cebu Island, whether as gifts for loved ones or treats for yourself. These souvenirs, along with memories of Cebu Island, will hold special value for you.

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