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Transiting at Cebu Mactan Airport: A Guide to Outlets and Voltage for Travelers to Cebu Island: How to Safely Use Electrical Appliances


For travelers transiting to Cebu Island, electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and hair irons can significantly affect the comfort of their journey. However, travelers from different countries may not realize that the outlet shapes and voltages in Cebu Island differ from their home country, leading to dangerous accidents if used incorrectly. This guide provides basic information for safely using electrical appliances in Cebu Island.

Outlet Shapes in Cebu Island

In Cebu Island, Type A outlets are prevalent, but international hotels and facilities may have multiple outlet shapes. Type A plugs have two vertical pins and are commonly used in many countries’ electrical devices. However, travelers with appliances requiring three pins may need an appropriate adapter.

Countries Where Type A is Used

CountryOutlet Type
United StatesA

Obtaining an Adapter

Since Type A outlets are mainstream in Cebu Island, a Type A plug is necessary. However, if your country’s plug shape is different, you will need an adapter. Adapters are readily available at airports, electronics stores, or large shopping malls. Bringing a multi-type adapter can be convenient for accommodating different plug shapes.

Adapters can be found at electronics retail stores, where a wide variety of plugs are available, and staff can help you find the specific plug you need. Prices for simple models can start from 100 PHP.

Voltage and Frequency in Cebu Island

The voltage in Cebu Island is 220V, and the frequency is 60Hz. This is common in many countries, especially in Europe and much of Asia, but travelers from countries using 110V need to check in advance if their electrical appliances are compatible with this higher voltage.

Safe Use of Electrical Appliances

Worldwide Compatible Appliances: Appliances that support 100V to 240V can be used in Cebu Island as is. This compatibility range is indicated on chargers and power adapters.

Appliances Needing a Transformer

Some appliances can only be used at specific voltages and may require a transformer to be used in Cebu Island. However, high-power consumption appliances (such as dryers and hair irons) may not operate properly even with a transformer, so caution is advised.


Understanding outlet shapes and preparing the appropriate adapters or transformers are essential for using electrical appliances in Cebu Island. We hope this guide helps all travelers transiting to Cebu Island to safely use their electrical appliances. With the right preparations and usage methods, enjoy a comfortable and safe stay on Cebu Island.

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