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Transit in Ninoy Aquino International Airport: Manners and Etiquette for the Philippines

For travelers stepping into the Philippines for the first time, transiting through Ninoy Aquino International Airport provides the first touch of local culture. Understanding basic manners and etiquette is crucial to maximize your experience and deepen interactions with locals. This article focuses on how to behave in the Philippines, what to do, and what to avoid, providing specific guidelines.

Public Behavior

  • Modest clothing is recommended in the Philippines. This is especially true when visiting religious sites or public buildings.
  • Pay special respect to the elderly and those of higher social status. This can be shown by lowering your voice and using honorifics during greetings.
  • Adopt a flexible approach to time, but be punctual in formal settings. Until you are used to ‘Filipino time’, strive to be on time for appointments.
Public Spaces in the Philippines

Etiquette When Visiting Homes

  • It is common to remove shoes when visiting a house. Avoid wearing shoes inside, and use slippers provided by the host.
  • Accept any food or drink offered without refusal. This shows respect to the host and acceptance of Filipino hospitality.
  • Express gratitude for the host’s efforts in providing meals or drinks. Simple comments like “This is delicious” can please your host.
Filipino Home Visit

Dining Etiquette

  • Understand that meals usually include rice and learn to use your hands, spoon, and fork. When eating with hands, keep them clean and typically use your right hand.
  • Wait for all dishes to be served before starting to eat and avoid resting arms on the table. This shows respect to those you are dining with.
  • Try to finish all the food on your plate to show respect for the cook. Leaving food may be seen as disrespectful.

Social Behavior

  • Filipinos highly value relationships with family and friends. Bringing a small gift when invited to someone’s home is appreciated.
  • Choose and wrap gifts carefully. It is common to open gifts later rather than immediately upon receiving them.
  • Filipinos love music and dancing. Participate actively if invited to karaoke or a party to enjoy the local culture.
Social Interaction

In the Philippines, mutual assistance and respect are highly valued. By keeping these manners and etiquette in mind, your stay in the Philippines will be more enjoyable and comfortable. Your transit through Ninoy Aquino International Airport will be a wonderful first step into Filipino culture.

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