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The Ultimate Guide for Bali Transit Travelers: Essential Apps for Convenience

During long transit waits, especially in a captivating destination like Bali, you’d want to make the most of it. Questions on how to optimize your time, navigate, or access local information might cross your mind. Here, we introduce three indispensable apps to thoroughly enjoy Bali even during transit.

SIM Card

Utilizing a local SIM card is crucial for smartphone usage abroad. In Bali, you can get a SIM card offering 20GB for $14.7 (as of March 1, 2024) at an affordable price, ensuring fast and stable internet access for using all online services, including the apps mentioned below. It’s recommended to purchase at the airport, where staff can assist with the setup.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a lifeline for navigating in Bali. From searching restaurants, navigating to destinations, to pre-pinning interesting spots, this app solves it all. The review feature also allows you to gauge the quality of places you plan to visit.

Bali Travel Guide

This app is specifically designed for Bali travel, covering over 1000 attractions including 20 museums, 10 parks, and 100 notable sites. It offers offline maps, augmented reality experiences, Facebook check-ins, and local event information. As a travel utility, it aggregates essential functions like hotel bookings, currency converter, and weather forecasts into one app. Download here (Play Store / App Store)


Grab is an invaluable ride-hailing app in Bali, providing clear fare information and destination setting, facilitating smooth transportation without language barriers. With credit card registration, you don’t need to worry about local currency for payments. It’s available in areas like Ubud and offers a more economical option compared to taxis. Download here

Bali-Specific Apps


Indonesia’s most popular ride-sharing app offers a wide range of services beyond rides, such as food delivery, courier services, and massages. Various vehicle options are available, with payments possible through cash or Go-Pay digital wallet. Download here (Play Store / App Store)

BlueBird Taxi

A pioneer in Indonesia’s taxi industry, offering taxi and limousine services in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and Bandung. Multiple vehicle options are available, with an online payment system for convenience. Download here (Play Store / App Store)

Utilizing WhatsApp

In Bali, WhatsApp is widely used as a primary means of communication. Whether for spa bookings, hotel or driver communication, this app ensures smooth transactions. It’s advisable to install and set up an account before leaving your home country.
Download here (Play Store / App Store)

Conclusion: Making the Most of Your Transit

By leveraging these apps during your Bali transit, you can enjoy a fulfilling experience even in a short time. With proper preparation, from transportation arrangements to information gathering and local communication can all proceed smoothly. Transform your Bali transit time from mere waiting to an opportunity for new discoveries and experiences.

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