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The Surprising Benefits of a Siesta: Napping in Day-use Hotels


For travelers seeking to refresh their minds and bodies during long flights or layovers, taking a siesta might be the perfect solution. Research has shown that even brief rests during transit can enhance comfort during subsequent travel and rejuvenate energy levels. This article explores how napping in day-use hotels can provide significant benefits during transit.

Scientific Basis for Siesta

Siesta, which means ‘nap’ in Spanish, or the break time associated with it, has numerous health benefits. A short nap can enhance alertness, reduce stress, and improve memory. For travelers feeling fatigued during transit, a 20 to 30-minute siesta provides an optimal duration to rejuvenate both mind and body.

What is a Day-use Hotel?

Day-use hotels are designed for short stays during the day, ideal for rest before early morning arrivals or late-night flights. For transit travelers, these hotels offer a quiet and comfortable haven to recharge before continuing their journey.

Day-use Hotel Room

Benefits of Siesta in Day-use Hotels

The primary benefit of taking a siesta in a day-use hotel is accessing a private, quiet space that home or public resting places cannot match. It provides high-quality rest, allowing travelers to prepare for their next flight or journey effectively. Moreover, making the most of brief transit times in these settings can significantly alleviate travel fatigue.

Practical Tips

To maximize the benefits of a siesta in a day-use hotel, it’s important to book in advance, choose the optimal time for a nap that fits the transit schedule, and bring items like an eye mask and earplugs for deeper rest. This preparation ensures efficient recovery from travel fatigue.


Utilizing time in day-use hotels for a siesta is an effective way to heal and refresh during transit. This brief rest provides the energy needed to enjoy further travels more comfortably. Consider incorporating a siesta into your travel plans to make your transit time productive and relaxing.

This guide aims to assist travelers in integrating a siesta into their transit routines, ensuring a more enjoyable and revitalized travel experience.

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