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The Complete Guide to SIM Cards for Short-term Visitors to the Philippines: Essential Tips and Tricks


When traveling abroad, purchasing a local SIM card is an option to conveniently use the internet while saving on communication costs. This choice is particularly effective in the Philippines, offering many benefits. This article will detail how to obtain a SIM card in the Philippines, its advantages, and recommended prepaid SIM cards.

Benefits of Having a SIM Card in the Philippines

The biggest advantage of having a SIM card in the Philippines is avoiding international roaming charges. Additionally, using a Philippine SIM card offers the following benefits:

  • Constant internet access.
  • Ability to navigate the city using GPS.
  • Utilization of social media and email.
  • Access to international calls and text messages at local rates.

Without a SIM Card

Increase in Communication Costs: Using international roaming can result in very high fees. Furthermore, the quality of international roaming communication can be unstable, posing a risk of unavailability when needed.

Limited Internet Access: You’ll rely on cafes and hotels with Wi-Fi, making it difficult to use the internet while on the move or in the city. This limitation can restrict opportunities for information gathering or receiving important notifications.

Navigation Issues:

Without the use of GPS or map apps, you’re more likely to get lost, especially in big cities like Cebu, where finding the best route to your destination can be challenging.

Communication Barriers:

Your means of communication through social media, email, and messaging apps will be limited. This not only makes it harder to stay in touch with friends and family but also inconvenient for local contacts or business communications.

Delayed Emergency Response:

In an emergency, you may not be able to respond promptly, such as calling a taxi, contacting emergency services, or quickly obtaining local information.

Decreased Cost-effectiveness:

If you frequently use international calls or text messages, the international rates are significantly higher than local rates, potentially leading to unexpectedly high communication costs.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Advantages (Benefits)Disadvantages
Avoid international roaming chargesHigh communication costs with international roaming
Constant internet accessNo internet access in places without Wi-Fi
Navigate the city using GPSIncreased likelihood of getting lost
Utilize social media and emailLimited communication methods
Use international calls and text messages at local ratesHigh costs with international rates
Easier access to local informationPossible delays in emergency responses and information gathering

Where to Buy a SIM Card in the Philippines

Getting a SIM card in the Philippines is straightforward. You can purchase them at airport kiosks, port counters, convenience stores, mini-shops, or from street vendors displaying banners for Globe, Smart, TNT, TM, or SUN. It’s recommended to obtain a SIM immediately upon arrival, with payment typically made in cash (local currency).

Recommended Prepaid SIM Cards:

The Philippines has two major mobile networks: Globe Telecom and Smart. The following prepaid SIM cards are recommended for travelers:

Smart LTE Tourist SIM:

Offered for free, it comes preloaded with 300MB of data valid for 3 days upon activation. You can obtain it at airport Smart counters by presenting a foreign passport.


  • Video watching: 1GB for about 3 hours
  • Google Maps: 1GB for 50–200 hours
  • Social media: 1GB for about 10 hours *Note: These are average usages, and actual consumption may vary significantly depending on video quality and app usage.

Smart LTE Tourist SIM:

The Smart LTE Tourist SIM is a popular choice for visitors to the Philippines. It is offered for free and comes preloaded with 300MB of data valid for 3 days upon activation, making it an ideal option for short-term travelers or those who want to start using data immediately.

How to Obtain:

The Smart LTE Tourist SIM is easily available at Smart counters in major international airports across the Philippines. All you need to do is present a foreign passport. The staff at the Smart counter will assist with the SIM activation, allowing you to start using local communication services immediately upon arrival.

Additional Options:

After the initial 3 days, you can purchase a load (credit) for additional data and calls. By buying a P30 load, you can receive an additional 700MB of data. Benefits from partner services such as iFlix and Uber may also be offered.

Globe TravelSurf:

Globe Telecom also offers a specially designed prepaid SIM card for visitors to the Philippines. While you need to purchase a load for mobile data plans, Globe TravelSurf boasts extensive coverage throughout the country.

How to Obtain:

The Globe TravelSurf SIM card can be obtained at Globe booths in major airports, including Cebu International Airport, Clark International Airport, and NAIA (T1, T3, T4).


Communication is crucial when visiting the Philippines. Recent technological advancements have introduced eSIM (Embedded SIM) as a new option. Let’s explore the benefits of eSIM compared to traditional physical SIM cards and how to use it in the Philippines.

Basic Differences Between Traditional SIM Cards and eSIM

Physical Presence:

  • Physical SIM: Requires a physical chip that must be inserted into the mobile phone.
  • eSIM: No physical card is needed; it’s a digital SIM embedded in the device.

Ease of Handling:

  • Physical SIM: Changing SIM cards requires physically opening the device to swap them.
  • eSIM: Can be activated online easily, allowing multiple plans to be stored on the device.

International Convenience:

  • Physical SIM: To use abroad, you must purchase a SIM card from that country or pay high international roaming fees.
  • eSIM: Plans can be purchased online in advance, and you can start using them as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Benefits of eSIM in the Philippines:

Using eSIM in the Philippines offers several advantages, especially:

  • Instant Connection: Connect to the internet right at the airport without the need to queue or search for a physical SIM.
  • Easy Plan Changes: Depending on your travel plans, you can easily change your data plan online.
  • Multiple Plan Management: Manage several eSIM profiles on one device, eliminating the need to swap SIMs when traveling between countries.

How to Get an eSIM in the Philippines:

To use eSIM in the Philippines, you first need a device that supports eSIM. Then, choose an eSIM-compatible plan offered by providers like Globe or Smart and apply online. The process is simple and can be completed in minutes.

For smart travelers in the Philippines, communication is key. To avoid the hassle of high international roaming charges or purchasing a local SIM card, the eSIM service “Airalo” is gaining attention. This article introduces the service overview of Airalo and the benefits of using it during your trip to the Philippines.

What is Airalo?

Airalo is a platform offering eSIM services available in over 190 countries worldwide. Without the need for a physical SIM card, you can easily purchase an eSIM online, download it to your smartphone or tablet, and connect to data immediately. Airalo offers a variety of data plans in many countries, including the Philippines, providing flexibility to meet the needs of travelers.

Benefits of Airalo eSIM in the Philippines:

  • Immediate Connection: Connect to the internet the moment you land at the airport through Airalo, saving you the trouble of looking for a SIM card locally.
  • Affordable Prices: Airalo offers various data plans for use in the Philippines at affordable prices, much more economical than using international roaming.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up an eSIM is very simple, just scan a QR code from Airalo’s website. No special technical knowledge is required.
  • Wide Compatibility: Airalo’s eSIM can be used with most smartphones, tablets, and other devices that support eSIM.

Airalo eSIM Plans for the Philippines:

Airalo offers multiple data plans for visitors to the Philippines, from small data plans for short-term visitors to large plans suitable for long stays or business use. With various price and data amount options, your stay in the Philippines can be more comfortable and efficient.

Download here.


Using a local SIM card during your trip to the Philippines is the optimal way to use internet and communication services comfortably while keeping communication costs low. Obtain a SIM card immediately upon arrival and fully enjoy your stay in the Philippines with attractive promotions. eSIM offers a highly convenient option as a new choice.

Especially, the eSIM service “Airalo” can be an attractive option for travelers to the Philippines. By using Airalo, you can purchase an eSIM online in advance and start using data connection immediately upon arrival in the Philippines. eSIM allows easy setup and selection from various data plans, enabling you to choose the best plan according to your stay duration and usage in the Philippines. Leveraging both traditional physical SIM cards and eSIM can enhance your communication experience in the Philippines, making it more comfortable and efficient.

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