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Terms and Conditions (For Partners)

Facility Listing Terms and Conditions.

Article 1 (Applicability) 

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) shall apply to the use of this online travel service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) and to the relationship between The Hotel and Day Dream Hub.com LLC (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”).

Article 2 (Registration of Hotel Provider)  

Only members may post information on the Service. To register as a hotel provider, The Hotel must agree to these Terms, submit registration information to the company, and receive approval from The Company.

Article 3 (Listing Conditions)  

The Hotel must be legally operational and meet safety and cleanliness standards. Hotels should be able to offer facilities and services that allow for day-use, and provide detailed information about their facilities (photos of rooms, description of facilities, available hours, etc.).

Article 4 (Payment From the Guests)

Payment from the guests  should be made on site; our Service does not handle transactions. 
Please settle the payment of the guests at each facility.

Article 5 (Obligation of Hotel) 

It is the obligation of The Hotel to keep their facility information accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, they must continue to meet the listing conditions, and failure to do so may result in removal from the Service.

Article 6 (Commission)  

The Company shall receive 10% of sales from the Service as commission.
The commission shall be calculated on the last day of each month and shall be paid by The Hotel to The Company by the last day of the following month. 
With agreement of both parties, The Company may reduce the commission to 0% for the first 3 months as a trial period.

Article 7 (Reservations and Cancellations) 

【Hotel’s Cancellation Policy】
If there is no-show or if the guest chooses to cancel their reservation on the day of use, The Hotel may charge a cancellation fee according to their policy. 
In this case, it is The Hotel’s responsibility to carry out any communication with the guest and collection of fees. 
The Company will not be responsible for tracking whether cancellation fees have been paid by the guest.
However, The Company will issue warnings to customers who have no-shows or same-day cancellations, and if multiple no-shows occur, The Company will take steps to have the customer’s account suspended.
Instead of using the cancellation policy from our site, if a facility applies its own unique cancellation policy, the policy entered during the listing registration will be applied. Please always ensure to check the cancellation policy listed on the facility’s information page to verify that accurate information is provided.

【No Show of the Guests】
In the event of a no-show or if the guest chooses to cancel their reservation on the day of use, The Company will not charge The Hotel any commission fees or cancellation fees for that reservation. 
It is the Hotel’s responsibility to mark the reservation as “Canceled” or “No show” in the Extranet.

【Cancellation by The Hotel】
The Hotel is expected to refrain from canceling a guest’s reservation on the day of use (The Hotel is allowed to reject same-day reservation requests). 
In the event that The Hotel cancels the request on the day of use, they will be charged the usual commission fee (10% of the hotel fee).

Article 8 (Reviews) 

After using the facility, users can post reviews and ratings about the facility. Posted reviews are made public and can be referred to by other users. Hotels cannot request rebuttals or corrections to posted reviews.

Article 9 (Intellectual Property Rights) 

The information such as photos and text that The Hotel posts on this site must be protected by The Hotel’s own intellectual property rights, or they must have obtained appropriate permission to use it. In addition, The Hotel guarantees that it has obtained all rights, permissions, and consents to post such information on this site.

Article 10 (Usage Restrictions and Registration Removal) 

If we determine that The Hotel has committed any of the following actions, we may restrict the use of the Service or delete the registration.

1. Engaged in fraudulent activities against the Service

2. Canceled use after customers have used the facility 
(The Hotel is found to have falsifies the usage record)

3. Judged to have unreasonably inconvenienced members or third parties in the use of the Service

Article 11 (Changes and Termination) 

The Company reserves the right to change or terminate hotel listings without notice. If a hotel violates these Terms, The Company has the right to terminate The Hotel’s listing. Changes to these Terms will be announced by The Company .

If The Hotel wishes to terminate the agreement, it shall notify The Company by e-mail or otherwise. 
After The Company confirms the desire of The Hotel to terminate the partnership, The Company shall send the ”Partnership Termination Agreement” to The Hotel. 
The Hotel shall fill out the “Partnership Termination Agreement” and submit it to The Company.

Article 12 (Legal Measures)  

If The Hotel violates these Terms, or if The Company suffers damages in connection with the use of the Service, The Company may take legal action against The Hotel. 
This includes claims for damages and suspension of listings. 
Also, if The Hotel that violated these Terms causes damages to a third party, The Hotel must compensate for the damages at its own expense and responsibility.

Article 13 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The interpretation and application of these Terms, and any disputes arising from the use of the Service, shall be governed by the laws of Georgia. 
Also, Georgia’s Designated Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from these Terms.

These Terms govern all matters arising from the use of this Service by The Hotels, including all contracts, warranties, and out-of-court dispute resolutions between The Hotels and The Company. 
Matters not covered by these Terms will be governed by applicable law.

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