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Refreshing Jet Lag Tips After Arriving in Manila: Day-use Hotels


Visiting Manila promises an adventure filled with discovery, but often, jet lag from long international flights can temporarily dampen the excitement. This article introduces effective ways to overcome jet lag after arriving in Manila and how to use day-use hotels for rejuvenation.

What is Jet Lag?

Jet lag is a temporary condition where the circadian rhythm (body clock) is adjusting to a new time zone. Symptoms like insomnia, headaches, and fatigue are common and can affect the quality of your trip.

Common Ways to Quickly Overcome Jet Lag

Before the Flight:

  • Adjust your sleep schedule gradually in the days leading up to your departure to match the time zone of your destination. For example, if your destination is several hours ahead, start going to bed and waking up earlier.
  • The fasting method can also be effective; by fasting for about 16 hours before the intended breakfast time at your destination, you can help reset your internal clock.

During the Flight:

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine, and stay hydrated with non-caffeinated beverages like water or juice.
  • To prevent stiffness from sitting too long, get up regularly to walk around or stretch, which helps improve blood flow and refreshes your body.

At the Destination:

  • Align your activities with the local time and try to go to bed early if you arrive in the afternoon to stay up until evening.
  • Go outside to breathe fresh air and engage in light exercise like walking in a park or doing simple stretches and jogging to alleviate symptoms of jet lag.

Utilizing Day-use Hotels

Day-use Hotel Day-use hotels are incredibly effective for combating jet lag. They offer a quiet and comfortable environment to rest for a few hours after arriving in Manila. Ideal for refreshing and taking short breaks, they are particularly useful after long flights.

For instance, Azure Urban Resort Residences Paranaque/ Ad’s Luxe Staycation provides comfortable rooms with beautiful city views, fast Wi-Fi, and TVs with Netflix, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.

Also, Camp CJ offers minimalist Boho-style private rooms where you can relax after exploring the city or enjoy board and card games.

Booking Pages:

Azure Urban Resort Residences Paranaque

Camp CJ


Although the first day in Manila might be affected by jet lag, with the right strategies and the use of day-use hotels, you can overcome this challenge. Day-use hotels offer comfort even during short stays and help you start enjoying Manila’s beauty and culture right away. For more details and bookings of day-use hotels, please visit DaydreamHub.

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