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Kyodake, headquartered at 5, rue Rochechouart, Paris (75009), France, is the body responsible for handling personal data on its websites and applications.  To contact Kyodake, please email Learn more to redirect to: Who is responsible for processing personal data on Kyodake’s websites and applications?


We can’t help you book your dream hotel room if you don’t provide information, which is why we will ask for and collect details from you when you use our services. We try to keep these questions to a strict minimum. We will ask you for basic information such as your first name and surname, your email address and your phone number. We also collect data originating from the computer, phone, tablet or other device that you use to access our services. This includes your IP address, the browser you are using, and your language settings. In some cases, we may also receive information about you through other means or automatically collect other data. That’s generally all the information that we collect, but if you’d like to know more, please read on for more details. Learn more to redirect to: What type of personal data does DAY USE collect?)


We ask you for personal information for several reasons: it mainly helps us manage your online reservations and get in touch with you, to make sure you get the best service possible. We also use your personal data, with your prior consent, to tell you about our latest offers regarding other products or services which might interest you. We may use data in other ways, too. Read on if you’d like to find out more. Learn more to redirect to: Why does DAY USE collect and use your personal data?


Kyodake services involve various third parties in different ways and for different reasons. Our primary purpose for sharing your data is to give information to your hotel so it can complete your booking. We may also share your data with commercial providers and partners who distribute or promote Kyodake services, and with other parties, to follow up on complaints against Kyodake and comply with obligations resulting from administrative or judicial procedures. In any case, we transfer this information within a strict framework so as to protect your personal data. Below is more information on the way in which information that you share with us is used and shared with other parties. Learn more to redirect to: How does Kyodake share your personal data with other parties?


We offer a free mobile application for collecting and processing personal data. The mechanism is similar to how we do this on a computer, but mobile devices also let you use our geo-tracking services. Learn more to redirect to: How does DAY USE use mobile devices?


There are several ways of integrating social media use into Kyodake services, including collecting some of your personal data, or receiving some of your information from your social media provider. If you would like more information on how this information is used and shared, please read on. Learn more to redirect to: How does Kyodake use social media?


We have adopted appropriate and adequate procedures to prevent any unauthorised access or abusive use of the personal data we handle. Learn more to redirect to: Which safety and retention procedures has DAY USE established to protect your personal data?


We store your personal data only during the period required for processing purposes. Following this period, we will either delete your data or make it anonymous. Should you wish to know how long Kyodake keeps the personal data that it processes, or the criteria that determine this, please click on the link below. Learn more to redirect to: How long does Kyodake store your personal data?


You may view, amend, restrict or delete any personal data about yourself that we have stored. Should you wish to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, please send an email to or a letter to Kyodake SAS, 5 rue Rochechouart – 75009 Paris, France. If you’d like to know more about your right to review your personal data, please read on. Learn more to redirect to: Can I manage personal data that I have shared with Kyodake?


Kyodake is the body that is responsible for processing personal data, as described in the Privacy Policy. Kyodake is a simplified joint stock company registered in France under No. 524 948 924. Its headquarters are located at: 5, rue de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris, France. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or about how your personal data is processed, please contact our Data Protection Manager by writing to the address given above, or by emailing and we’ll get back to you. For any question regarding your reservation, please contact our Customer Service using our contact page.


Since you’d like to find out more, here is a more detailed overview of the information we collect.

2.1. Personal data that you share with us

Kyodake collects and uses the information that you give us. When you make a Reservation, you must at least provide a surname, first name, phone number and email address. If you need to contact our Customer Service or if you get in touch through other channels (for example on social media), we will also collect data (at least your surname and first name). Clients may also be invited to give feedback to help other users find what they’re looking for more easily. We will collect information about you that is included in your comments. You may also provide information on other occasions. For example, if you search for something on your computer or mobile phone, you may allow Kyodake to see your location (geo-tracking). This information helps us offer you the best services and experiences we can. You can also open a very convenient user account which lets you record personal parameters, review previous reservations, plan and manage future reservations, or even take advantage of other features that are only accessible to account holders.

2.2. Personal data about other people that you share with us

You may not only make a Reservation for yourself, but also for other people traveling with you, and about whom you provide information as part of the Reservation process, or you may make a Reservation for someone else. This information can only be used in the way in which it is described on the given platform. We must however highlight that you are responsible for making sure that the person (people) about whom you have provided personal data are aware of this and that they understand and accept the way in which Kyodake uses their data (as explained in this Privacy Policy).

2.3. Personal data that we collect automatically

When you visit one of our websites, even if you don’t make a Reservation, we automatically collect information, such as your IP address (which enables us to determine your geographic location, so you can be redirected to the most relevant domain name), the date and time at which you connect to our services, the equipment, software or web browser you are using, as well as information about your computer’s operating system, like your application version and language parameters. We collect information on your clicks and on the page you visit. If you are using a mobile phone, data identifying your device, parameters and features, application crashes and other system activities is also collected. When you make a Reservation, our system identifies the way in which and the website from which you accessed the Kyodake site and/or applications, or how you made your booking.

2.4. Personal data that we receive from other sources

Our information is not limited to information that you give us. We may also receive information about you from other sources, including from third parties and business partners. Anything we receive from them may be linked to information that you provide. For example, Kyodake reservation services are not only accessible from websites and the Kyodake application. They are also integrated into the services of affiliated partners which you can find online. When you use these services, you may be providing reservation details to our business partners, who then transfer the information over to us. We can also integrate the services of third-party suppliers in order to manage payments between clients and hotels. These suppliers may share some of your personal data to help us manage your Reservation and provide you with an optimal experience. Hotels share information about you with Kyodake. This is the case if you have questions about your Reservation or if there is a dispute about a reservation (even though we don’t like it when this happens).


Sharing your personal data with Kyodake is done on a voluntary basis. However, depending on the type of service that you wish to use, some services may need to collect some of your personal information. For example, we can’t process your hotel Reservation without recording a surname*, first name*, phone number*, and email address. Mandatory information marked with (*).


We use information relating to you for different reasons. Your personal data may be used in the following situations:

A. Managing your reservations:

we mainly use your personal data to manage your Reservations.

B. Customer Service:

we provide Customer Service in 2 languages from our offices in Japan. We share your data, along with information about your reservation or your user account, with members of Customer Service so they may help you, including to find the best hotel for your needs or to answer queries you may have about your Reservation (or for any other question, actually).

C. Account features:

Kyodake users can create an account on our website or application. The information you provide is used to manage this account and to let you carry out a number of useful actions. You can manage your Reservations, take advantage of special offers, make easy bookings and manage your settings. These personal settings let you create lists of favorites, easily find previous Reservations, and review information about your trips. They may also let you see feedback you have written about destinations.

D. Marketing activities:

with your consent, we use your information for marketing purposes. This includes:
– Using your contact information to send you regular information about travel-related products and services. You can easily unsubscribe from these email marketing messages at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link which you’ll find in each of our newsletters.
– Based on your information, the website, the Kyodake mobile application, and third party websites and applications (including social media) may propose customised offers. Content on the website that you see may also be customised.
– When you take part in other promotional activities (for example, prize pools, sponsor programmes or competitions), some information is used to manage these activities.

E. Communicating with you:

we may also contact you at other times by email, phone, or text message, based on the contact information that you have provided. We process messages that you send us for the following purposes:
– To answer or process requests you have made.
– If you have not completed your online Reservation, we may contact you to remind you that it is is in progress. This is a useful service since it allows you to continue your Reservation without having to look for a new hotel or fill out booking details all over again.
– When you use our services, we may ask you to confirm your reservation status, send you a questionnaire, or invite you to provide feedback about your experience with DAY USE or at your hotel.
– We will send you more information about your Reservation to tell you, for example, how to contact Kyodake should you need to or to help you prepare for and take full advantage of your stay. You may also receive information regarding your upcoming Reservations, or a summary of previous Reservations on
– Even if you have no upcoming Reservation, you may receive administrative messages, such as security alerts.

F. Market surveys:

we sometimes invite our clients to participate in market surveys. You are of course free to accept or refuse to participate in this type of survey. Your participation may justify a different way of processing your personal data. When you are invited to participate, please review the information we provide and make sure you understand which personal data will be collected and how it will be used.

G. Improving our services:

we also use personal data for analytical purposes to improve our services, your user experience, our service features and quality, as well as to carry out tests and resolve issues. Our first aim is to optimise and customise our platform to best meet your needs in the most intuitive way possible. To this end, we do our best to only use user name data. Otherwise, we are committed to asking for your prior consent.

H. Customer comments and any other information relating to destinations:

during and after a stay that you have booked through us, you may be invited to provide feedback about your experience. This invitation will ask you for information on your hotel or your destination. When you write a comment, you consent to it appearing in several places, for example on the relevant hotel page on our website, on our mobile application, on our social media accounts, and on social media applications. Our aim is to let other users know about the quality of the Service you received, about your chosen destination, or about other experiences you choose to share.

I. Call follow-ups:

when you contact our Customer Service, we may also ask you to identify yourself to ensure that your reservation details stay confidential.

J. Legal purposes:

finally, in some cases, we may use your personal data to process and solve legal disputes, for regulatory investigations or to comply with current legislation, to enforce the Terms of Use of’ online reservation service, or to comply with requests from local authorities.
If we use automated personal data processing methods that generate legal effects or that may affect you in significant ways, we will implement appropriate measures to protect your rights and freedoms, including the right to obtain human intervention
Should you wish to oppose the planned processing and that no unsubscription mechanism is directly accessible (for example, within your account settings), please contact the following address if possible:


In some cases, we may need to share your personal data with other parties. These parties can include:

– The hotel you have booked: this is a crucial element for us! To complete your Reservation, we pass on all booking contact information needed by the reserved hotel. Depending on the Reservation and on the hotel, this can include your surname and first name, address, payment information, and your preferences or other information you shared with us when making your Reservation. If you have a request regarding your Stay, we may contact the hotel to ask them to process your request.

– Your local Kyodake office: to reinforce the use of Kyodake services, your contact information may be shared with subsidiaries of the Kyodake family acting as service providers for Kyodake, including matters relating to Customer Services.

– Third party service providers: we rely on service providers to process personal data on our behalf. This form of processing has several aims, including sending marketing materials. Third party service providers are bound by confidentiality clauses and are not authorised to use your personal data for purposes other than those set out by Kyodake.

– Competent authorities: we share personal data with law enforcement agencies when mandated by law or when this is strictly necessary to preventing, detecting, or prosecuting criminal acts or fraud, or if we are legally bound to do so. We may be obligated to reveal more personal data to competent authorities in order to defend our rights or our facilities, or the rights and facilities of our business partners.

– Business partners: we work with business partners around the world. These business partners distribute or promote Kyodake services.

When you make a reservation on our business partners’ websites or apps, some of the personal data that you provide, such as your name and email address, will be shared with us to complete and manage your Reservation. If a given business partner has a Customer Service, Kyodake will share information relating to your reservation with them (if and when necessary), in order to provide efficient, appropriate assistance. When you make a reservation on the website of one of our business partners, business partners may receive parts of your personal data relating to the relevant reservation, such as your name and your email address. This information is intended for internal use (such as analyses) and at your request, for administrating loyalty or marketing programmes.

When you make a reservation on the website of one of our business partners, please also take the time to read their privacy statement if you would like to understand how these business partners may use your personal data. For the purposes of detecting and preventing frauds, and only if it is strictly necessary, we may also share information on our users with business partners.

– Marketing partners: With your consent, we share personal data with marketing partners, including your email address, as part of promoting Kyodake services through other parties (in order to ensure that advertisements reach the intended audience). We do our best to only share encrypted email addresses, in order to prevent them from being associated with the existing database and prevent your email address from being shared for other purposes. Please read “How are cookies used? ” and “How do I manage them”” in our section on Cookie information to get more information on customised advertising and how to manage it. ContentSquare is a solution that aggregates traffic and usage data to improve the user experience. The statistics produced are anonymous. To be excluded from tracking, please click here.


Sharing personal data as described in this Privacy Statement can include sharing personal data abroad to countries whose laws on data protection are not as protective as those in European Union countries. In principle, we only share personal data with countries which offer an adequate level of data protection. When this level of protection is not guaranteed, we make contractual arrangements to guarantee that your personal data will also be protected in keeping with European standards. You may request to see a copy of these contractual clauses using the contact information provided below:


We offer a free app for various mobile devices, as well as versions of our websites that have been optimised for smartphone or tablet browsing. We process personal data through mobile applications in a similar way to our website, but also in order to let you use geo-tracking services to find a local Travel service, should you wish to. With your consent, we may send you push notifications containing information on your Reservation. You may allow us to access your geo-tracking data or your contact information to let us provide requested services. Please read instructions on your mobile device to find out how to change your settings and allow sharing this information or receiving push notifications.

With your prior consent, we use multi-device tracking to optimise our marketing services and activities. This may occur with or without cookies. If you’d like to know more about cookies and similar technologies, please read our Cookie information. With multi-device tracking, Kyodake is able to follow user behaviour on several devices. As part of multi-device tracking, Kyodake can combine data that is collected from a specific browser or a mobile device with that of another computer/device connected to the computer/device from which data has been collected.

To optimise Kyodake newsletter content, Kyodake combines search histories and bookings that are made from different computers and devices. You may unsubscribe from Kyodake newsletters at any time.

Customised adverts that appear on other websites or mobile applications may also appear depending on what you search for on your computers and connected devices. By changing your device’s cookie settings (see  Cookie information in the “How do I manage them?” section ), you can change your multi-device tracking settings used for advertising purposes. Be aware that when you log off from your user account, it doesn’t mean that you will no longer receive customised adverts.


Kyodake uses social media in different ways. We use it to make our online reservation services more accessible, but also to promote our hotel suppliers’ products and services, and to showcase and improve our own services.

– Other features and services connected to social media: we may include other social media services (such as messaging) in communication between you and Kyodake or your contacts regarding our services. We may manage accounts and offer our applications across several social media. Each time you connect to through social media, that service can allow you to share information with Kyodake. If you choose to share information, the social media service will generally ask you to define which information you are happy to share. This information may include your email address, your age, and profile pictures that have been saved to your user account.


We follow reasonable procedures to prevent any abusive use of your personal data.

We use appropriate professional systems to protect and preserve the confidentiality of any personal data relating to you that is shared with us. We also have security procedures as well as technical and physical restriction techniques in place to limit access and use of personal data that appears on our servers. Only authorised personnel may, within the framework of their duties, access your personal data.


We store your personal data only during the period required for processing purposes. Following this period, we will either delete your data or make it anonymous.

Furthermore, some legal provisions oblige us to retain some information for a minimum duration.
Retention periods for your personal data depend on the type of data involved and on the purposes of their processing. Below are guidelines on retention periods followed by Kyodake:
After 5 years, without action on the user/prospect’s part, personal data will be rendered anonymous;
For any questions about a specific retention period relating to types of personal data that we process, please contact us via the contact information listed below:


We’d like to give you control over how we use your personal data. You may do so by…

– You may request a copy of the personal data that we have about you.
– You may let us know about changes relating to your personal data, or ask us to change any personal data that we hold about you, although you may also make these changes yourself (see below for how to make these changes).
– In some situations, you may request that we delete, block, or limit how your personal data is processed, or object to some of the ways in which we process your personal data.
– In some situations, you may also request that we send to another party personal data that you have shared with us.

When we use your personal data following your consent, you have the right to revoke this use at any time, in accordance with current laws. Furthermore, when your personal data is processed, whether it’s for a party’s legitimate interest or that of the public, you may at any time refuse that we use your personal data, subject to current laws.

We rely on you to make sure that your personal data is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Please be quick to let us know about any changes or inaccuracies in your personal data by contacting us.

If you have an online user account, you can access your personal data using our website or our application. Our website and our application will generally allow you to add, update, or delete information that we hold about you.

If we have personal data about you that isn’t accessible via our website and applications, you can send us a free request.

Any request relating to this Privacy Policy and to the exercise of your rights, and any complaint may be sent to our Data Protection Manager by writing to or by sending a letter to Kyodake SAS, 5 rue Rochechouart – 75009 PARIS.

For security purposes, we may request a proof of identity before processing your request. We will make every effort to answer within a reasonable time, and in any event, within the time-frame set by law.

Should you be dissatisfied by our reply, you may file a claim with the competent enforcement authority in charge of personal data protection. In France, the competent authority is the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL).


Each time you use our online services, including applications, cookies and other tracking technology is used in several ways. They enable the website to operate, analyse traffic, or are used for advertising purposes. This technology is used directly by us and our business partners, including third party service providers and advertisers with whom we work. Below is more information about cookies, their use, and how to manage them.

12.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are a small quantity of data that a website installs in your computer’s browser or on your mobile device. “Internal cookies” are placed by the server that is responsible for the relevant domain. cookies are therefore “internal cookies.” When we authorise other servers to place cookies on Kyodake websites and applications, these cookies are called “third party cookies.”

It’s also important to distinguish session cookies from permanent cookies. Session cookies cease to exist when you close your browser, while permanent cookies have a longer life span and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. We make sure we place cookies or authorise placing cookies for a maximum period of 13 months. A cookie’s life span can only be longer in exceptional circumstances and in cases of absolute necessity, for example for security reasons.

Similar tracking technology is also used. It can include web beacons (also known as invisible pixels, web bugs, or gifs), tracking URLs or software development kits (SDKs). A web beacon is a small one-pixel graphic image that can land on your computer as a web page request, on an application, in an advertisement or in an HTML email. Invisible pixels can be used to collect information from your computer, such as the type of hardware or operating system you are using, the IP address or browsing time. They also make it possible to place and read cookies on your browser. Tracking URLs are used to find out which website redirected you to Kyodake websites or applications. Software development kits are small code elements that are found in applications. Their function is similar to that of cookies and of web beacons.

For the purposes of this document, all these technologies are called “cookies.”

12.2. How are cookies used?

Cookies are used for different purposes. They allow you to identify yourself as a unique user when you browse across several website pages, different websites, or on an application. The kind of information we collect using cookies includes your IP address, your device identifier, pages that you access, your browser type, browsing information, your operating system, Internet provider, time stamp, whether you are responding to an advert, the referring URL, features that are used or activities you engage in on the website or applications.

Cookies used on our website and applications have several functions:

Technical cookies: we do our best to propose an efficient and easy-to-use website, and applications that adapt to our visitors’ wishes and needs. We use technical cookies to feature our website and make sure that it works well. They also help you create your account, connect, make a booking and manage your reservations. Technical cookies are absolutely crucial to the proper functioning of our website.

Session cookies: they help us identify whether you are logged on, link a reservation that is in progress, configure your language and currency, provide a website version that is adapted to the device you are using (mobile phone, tablet, computer). We may also use cookies to memorise your credentials, which avoids you having to enter them each time your visit our website. Passwords are always encrypted. Cookies are not crucial to the proper functioning of our website or applications, but they offer additional features and improve your experience.

Analytical cookies: we use these cookies to watch how users use, find out what works and what doesn’t, and optimise our website and application. They also help us gauge the impact of our adverts and communication, and ensure that we are always proposing interesting, relevant services. Data that we collect includes the pages you visit, open, and leave, the type of platform you are using, emails that you’ve opened and which led you to act, as well as the date and time.

This also means we can use information about the way you interact with the website, like the number of clicks per page, how your mouse moves, page scrolling, and search terms you enter in various fields. We also use analytical cookies as part of our online advertising campaigns to find out how users behave on our website or apps after seeing an online advert, including adverts on third party websites. Our partners may also use analytical cookies to find out if their users access hosting offers that are included in their website.

Advertising cookies: we use our own cookies as well as third party cookies to post adverts to our website and other sites. This is called retargeting, a technique based on terms you have searched for on our website, such as destinations, the hotels you viewed and rates that appeared.

12.3. How do I manage them?

To find out more about how we use cookies and how you can manage or delete them, please visit and your browser’s help section. Settings in browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome let you choose which cookies to accept or block. These settings are located in different areas depending on your browser. If you don’t know where to find them, try using the “Help” feature.

If you’d rather block some technical and/or functional cookies, some of our website’s features may not work.

Advertising. With regards to marketing or online advertising companies, we do our utmost to work with organisations that belong to the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). NAI and IAB members comply with strict ethical standards and charters in their field. They allow you to block advertising that is based on user behaviour. Visit to find NAI members who may have placed advertising cookies on your computer.

To unsubscribe from an advertising programme that is based on user behavior established by an NAI member, just click on the box that matches the relevant company. To find out more about unsubscribing from customised advertising, visit or Your mobile device should help you restrict sharing information for retargeting purposes in its settings. Please note that unsubscribing from an online advertising network does not mean you will no longer receive or will no longer be targeted by online advertising or marketing surveys. By unsubscribing from the network, you will no longer receive advertising based on your preferences and your internet behaviour.

Analytics To manage data collection for the purposes of Google Analytics on some browsers, click on the following link: Additional browser module to disable Google Analytics (only available on computers).

For any question about this section on cookies, you can write to


This Privacy Statement may be amended. Be sure to check this page regularly to find out about recent updates. If changes are likely to change how your personal data is managed, we will be sure to inform you in advance.