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Ninoy Aquino International Airport Transit: A Guide to Staying at Azure Urban Resort and Exploring Nearby Attractions


Spending transit time just waiting after a long flight can feel like a wasted opportunity, especially in a city as enticing as Manila. This guide introduces you to a short stay at Azure Urban Resort and highlights unmissable tourist spots and shops around the hotel. This read will transform your transit from mere waiting time into an opportunity for new adventures.

Azure Urban Resort and Its Appeal

Azure Urban Resort is ideally located within a 30-minute drive from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, making it perfect for Manila transits. Not only does the resort offer a relaxing stay, but it also provides easy access to numerous worthwhile shopping malls and restaurants in the vicinity. SM City Bicutan, in particular, is a haven for shoppers and foodies alike, featuring a wide range of fashion brands, popular dining options, and family entertainment facilities, ensuring a special experience for every visitor.

Hotel Address: St.Tropez Azure Urban Resort Residences, Marcelo Village, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila, Philippines

Reservation Page:

Must-Visit Shopping & Dining Spots

SM City Bicutan

SM City Bicutan: Close to Azure Urban Resort, this mall houses international and local brands like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21. It also features popular restaurants such as Shakey’s and Yellow Cab Pizza, where you can enjoy delicious meals in between shopping.

Max’s Restaurant

Known for authentic Filipino cuisine, this beloved chain at SM City Bicutan offers specialties like Max’s Fried Chicken (about 13 USD), famous for its crispy skin and juicy meat, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The menu reflects the diversity of Filipino flavors with dishes like “Kare-Kare” and “Pancit Canton.”

Address: 46 Doña Soledad Ave, Parañaque, 1714 Metro Manila, Philippines

Tong Yang, SM City Bicutan

Offering a wide range of Asian cuisines, guests can enjoy table-side grilling and a buffet of sushi, tempura, dumplings, soups, and desserts. Birthday cakes are also available, making it ideal for birthdays and special occasions. Prices range from 788 to 838 pesos, with vegetarian options available.

Address: F2PV+99R, Upper ground floor, Building B. SM Bicutan, Doña Soledad Ave, Brgy, Better Living, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines


Nearby Tourist Spots

Beyond shopping and dining, the area around Azure Urban Resort offers cultural experiences with nearby art galleries and small museums. Exploring Manila’s historic districts can immerse you in the rich history and culture of the Philippines.


Rather than viewing transit time as mere waiting, see it as an opportunity to immerse yourself in Manila’s culture and discover new experiences. A short stay at Azure Urban Resort and exploring the nearby malls and restaurants is a fantastic way to enjoy your transit. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your brief stay in Manila.

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