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Maximizing Your Transit Time in Manila: A Complete Guide to Souvenirs for Residents Returning from Vietnam

Are you returning temporarily from Vietnam and perplexed about choosing souvenirs? Especially during a transit in Manila, it can be challenging to decide what to buy in a limited time. Worry not! Manila is filled with attractive souvenirs beyond your expectations. This article introduces a wide range of delightful souvenirs from Manila that will surely please your family and friends.

Making the Most of a Short Stay During Transit

It’s entirely feasible to venture into Manila city during your transit and fully enjoy a brief stay. From classic items to lesser-known hidden gems, Manila offers a diverse selection of options for souvenir shopping. Here are some key points for choosing souvenirs in Manila.

Souvenir Shopping in Manila

Acacia Tableware

Acacia tableware, made from acacia wood, includes plates, bowls, serving trays, and cutting boards. These items are usually designed to highlight the natural characteristics of the wood and are hand-finished. Durable and beautiful, they are suitable for daily use as well as special occasions.

In Manila, you can find unique designs of acacia tableware reflecting local craftsmanship at places like Kultura. Here, you can acquire beautiful acacia-made tableware, meticulously crafted by Filipino artisans.

Kultura is located about 25 minutes by car from the airport, making it a convenient stop for purchasing unique Filipino souvenirs.

Address: Kultura Filipino, 1223 Palm Dr, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Shell Crafts

Another recommended souvenir from Manila is shell-crafted items. Shell-made picture frames or coasters can bring Manila’s tropical ambiance into your home. With a variety of colorful designs to choose from, the selection process itself is enjoyable. The Philippines, being a country of over 7,000 islands with extensive coastlines and marine resources, has easy access to various kinds of shells. Shell crafting is one of the traditional Filipino handicrafts, with beautiful handmade items being produced using techniques passed down through many regions.

Jeepney Merchandise

Jeepneys, the iconic Philippine mode of transport, inspire a unique selection of Manila souvenirs. Items such as eco-bags, pouches, and models capture the fun of jeepneys, bringing the local atmosphere vividly to life.

Likha Filipino Goods

Likha offers Filipino-themed embroidered goods crafted by local women. Items depicting iconic symbols like jeepneys and Jollibee can be found at places like the Legazpi Sunday Market.

Address: Corinthian Carpark, 121 Paseo de Roxas Street, Legaspi Village, Barangay San Lorenzo, Makati City, Makati, Philippines

Papaya & Coconut Soaps

Soaps made from papaya or coconut offer a wonderful souvenir option, letting you feel Manila’s natural bounty. Silka’s papaya soap or colorfully designed coconut oil soaps will revive memories of Manila with every use.

Points to Consider When Choosing Souvenirs

  • Perishables are Prohibited: While fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be taken out of the country, processed items like dried mangoes are permissible.
  • Price Comparison: Prices can vary between shops, so it’s essential to compare and be wary of overpricing.
  • Beware of Counterfeit Goods: Be cautious of counterfeit products, which may be prohibited from being brought overseas.
  • Choose Safe Markets: Opting for markets in safer areas like Makati ensures a worry-free shopping experience.

Conclusion: Maximizing Transit Time

Utilize your short transit time to find unforgettable souvenirs in Manila. The items introduced in this article will become special memories of Manila for those returning from Vietnam. After a brief rest in a day-use hotel, stretch your legs and rediscover the charm of Manila. Even in a short time during transit, Manila offers a fulfilling experience. Why not explore the joy of souvenir shopping in Manila on this occasion?

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