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Terms and Conditions (For Guests)

1. Introduction

Day Dream Hub.com LLC (hereinafter referred to as “DayDreamHub”) is a company registered in Georgia, operating an online platform through the website daydreamhub.com, providing daytime hotel booking services. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) regulate the relationship between DayDreamHub and the guest (hereinafter referred to as “the Guest”) regarding the use of the DayDreamHub platform and its services.

2. Definitions

“DayDreamHub Platform”: Refers to the DayDreamHub website and mobile website, through which Guests can access the provided services and make reservations.
“Hotel”: Refers to the hotel facilities partnered with DayDreamHub, offering bookable offers on the DayDreamHub Platform.
“Service”: Refers to rooms, activities, or areas reserved for a specific time frame at the Hotel.
“Offer”: Refers to the services provided by the Hotel and the related terms and conditions. Each offer includes the service components, time frame, price, available amenities, and additional terms.
“Reservation”: Refers to the offers made by the Guest on the DayDreamHub Platform.
“Privacy Policy”: Refers to the personal data processing policy describing how personal data is processed in accordance with current regulations. Details can be found on our website.
“Tax”: Refers to taxes such as accommodation tax that are levied in addition to VAT. These taxes are not included in the price displayed on the DayDreamHub Platform and may need to be paid directly to the Hotel at check-in.

3. General Provisions

The Guest agrees to unconditionally comply with these Terms. These Terms take precedence over any contractual or non-contractual documents exchanged between the parties (collectively referred to as “the Parties”). These Terms are considered a legal contract between the Parties.

4. Access to the Website

The DayDreamHub Platform is freely accessible to users with internet access. The services provided on the DayDreamHub Platform are only available to adults aged 18 years and older. Users can access the entire website, but must create a Guest account to make reservations more easily and access additional features.

5. Guest Account

  • 5.1 The Guest can create a user account by clicking the “Sign Up” button. By entering their email address and password, they will have login credentials for their Guest account. Through the Guest account, the Guest can access current and future reservations and reservation history.
  • 5.2 The Guest can access and change their personal information in their Guest account at any time. For security reasons, the email address associated with the account cannot be changed by the Guest themselves. To change the email address associated with the account, send a request to customer@daydreamhub.com.
  • 5.3 The Guest can delete their account through the account deletion section or by sending an email to customer@daydreamhub.com. Even if there are ongoing reservations, the Guest can delete their account; however, the reservations will be considered canceled, and the cancellation policy of each Hotel will apply. If the payment has been completed on the platform, it will not be refunded. Upon deletion of the account, the related personal data will also be deleted.

6. Reservations

  • 6.1 There are no age restrictions when making a reservation through DayDreamHub. However, some Hotels may prohibit minors from using the services alone, and the Guest must comply with each Hotel’s terms and conditions.
  • 6.2 The Guest can make reservations at any Hotel available in the region provided by DayDreamHub. Offers can be found by searching by city, Hotel, or conditions. To make a reservation, the Guest must create a DayDreamHub Guest account (if not already registered, it will be automatically created when the reservation request is sent). The Guest must select an offer corresponding to the chosen service to make a reservation. Each offer includes the service components, time frame, price, and available amenities. After reviewing the reservation details, the Guest can send a reservation request to the Hotel. The Hotel may approve or reject the request based on availability. Once the reservation is confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided address. If the email is not received, the Guest should check their spam folder. The Guest must keep the reservation information available to present it at the Hotel.
  • 6.3 After confirming a reservation, the Guest can use the Inbox on their account page to make special requests or provide details to the Hotel. If the number of guests exceeds the available bed space, the Guest must specify the number of guests as a special request. This request will be considered according to the Hotel’s capacity and conditions. The Hotel reserves the right to reject the request, and if applicable, DayDreamHub will notify the Guest as soon as possible before the date of use if the request is not approved.
  • 6.4 In accordance with the Privacy Policy, DayDreamHub may contact the Guest to conduct satisfaction surveys or verify reservation information. This is solely for service improvement purposes.

7. Rates and Prices

  • 7.1 The prices listed in the Hotel offers are the service prices and include VAT and service charges. However, additional taxes such as accommodation tax are not included and may need to be paid directly to the Hotel at check-in.
  • 7.2 Some Hotels may charge a reservation fee. These fees must be paid either at the time of booking on the DayDreamHub Platform or at check-in.
  • 7.3 Some offers may be subject to additional taxes. If applicable, these will be stated in the offer summary. The amounts of these taxes are indicative only and are not legally binding on DayDreamHub. The amounts of these taxes are provided by the Hotels to DayDreamHub, and DayDreamHub is not responsible if the amounts listed in the offer are incorrect.
  • 7.4 Upon arrival at the Hotel, the Guest may be required to pay a deposit according to the Hotel’s policies. If the deposit is paid by credit card, it will be refunded upon departure according to the card’s general terms and conditions.

8. Payment Terms

  • 8.1 Payments on the DayDreamHub Platform are made exclusively via PayPal. Payments are made in USD on the DayDreamHub Platform.
  • 8.2 Upon confirmation of the payment, an online payment confirmation email will be sent to the Guest. After the payment is completed, the reservation request will be sent to the Hotel. If the Hotel rejects the request and the reservation is not confirmed, the full amount paid through the DayDreamHub Platform will be refunded.
  • 8.3 The payment methods for direct payment at the Hotel vary by Hotel. Additional charges and taxes must be paid directly at the Hotel during check-in.
  • 8.4 If fraud or unauthorized payment by the Guest is suspected, the Guest must contact DayDreamHub as soon as possible.

9. Cancellations and Changes

  • 9.1 Reservations cannot be changed. If the Guest wishes to modify the reservation date or plan, they must cancel the reservation and make a new one. When canceling a confirmed reservation, the cancellation policy of each Hotel will apply.

10. Guest Obligations

  • 10.1 The Guest agrees to arrive at the Hotel on the reservation date and time or to cancel the reservation through the DayDreamHub Platform. If the Guest does not cancel in advance and does not arrive at the Hotel (no-show), the payment already made or pre-paid will not be refunded. Additionally, additional charges may apply according to the Hotel’s policies.
  • 10.2 The Guest agrees to comply with the reservation conditions, particularly the check-in and check-out times.
  • 10.3 The Guest agrees to comply with the internal rules of the Hotel that accepted the reservation and to respect the staff. The Guest is solely responsible for their conduct at the Hotel and for the people accompanying them during the reservation.
  • 10.4 The Guest agrees to use DayDreamHub’s services in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations during the reservation period. If the Hotel staff discovers conduct that violates applicable laws and regulations or internal rules, the Hotel is exempted from providing the service.
  • 10.5 Upon check-out, the Guest confirms that they have paid for the consumed items according to the Hotel’s policies. DayDreamHub may contact the Guest on behalf of the Hotel in case of unpaid items.
  • 10.6 If the Guest causes damage or loss to the Hotel, the Guest agrees to compensate the Hotel for the loss or reimburse the resulting costs according to the Hotel’s policies.
  • 10.7 If the Guest fails to fulfill their obligations under these terms, they may be blacklisted. If blacklisted, the Guest will not be able to use DayDreamHub’s services. The Guest may contact the Customer Service Department (customer@daydreamhub.com) to request removal from the blacklist. The Customer Service Department will decide at its discretion whether to remove the Guest from the blacklist, considering the circumstances.

11. DayDreamHub’s Obligations and Responsibilities

  • 11.1 DayDreamHub acts as an intermediary between its users and the partnered Hotels. DayDreamHub promises to transmit the necessary information to the Hotel to ensure the Guest’s reservation proceeds smoothly. DayDreamHub’s liability is limited to providing this service.
  • 11.2 The services of the Hotels are governed by their sales conditions and internal regulations. DayDreamHub is not responsible for the improper performance or provision of the Hotel’s services. However, if there is an issue regarding the quality of the service expected by the Guest, DayDreamHub will accept the Guest’s complaint and take reasonable steps to resolve the issue. The Guest can contact the Customer Service Department.
  • 11.3 DayDreamHub is not responsible for any damage, accident, loss, or theft that may occur during the Guest’s stay at the Hotel. DayDreamHub is not responsible for any incidents, accidents, or other events contrary to the law that may occur at the Hotel. DayDreamHub strongly condemns illegal activities and acts in violation of applicable laws and regulations and promises to cooperate with relevant authorities if signs of fraud, human trafficking, or other illegal activities are detected during the provision of DayDreamHub’s services.

12. Assistance and Complaints

  • 12.1 If there are any issues during the reservation or upon arrival at the Hotel, the Guest can contact the Customer Service Department.
  • 12.2 The Customer Service Department reserves the right to carry out all necessary verifications, including identity verification and information confirmation of the person receiving the complaint or request. The Customer Service Department is not authorized to provide information to third parties in accordance with applicable personal data protection laws and regulations.
  • 12.3 The Customer Service Department will review all requests and complaints and decide at its discretion how to respond, considering the inconvenience caused.

13. Personal Data

DayDreamHub processes personal data in accordance with current regulations. Guests are expected to review the Privacy Policy to understand how their personal data is processed.

14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by the laws of Georgia. All disputes concerning the formation, interpretation, and performance of these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Georgia.