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Finding Free Wi-Fi Spots in Metro Manila During Your Transit Stay

Eliminate your internet connection worries while traveling! Wifi Spots in Manila

Internet access has become a necessity in our daily lives, especially when visiting places like Metro Manila. Knowing where to find free Wi-Fi spots can be incredibly useful for planning your trip, gathering information, or even for emergency communications. For those concerned about data charges while out and about or those wanting to explore the city during a short transit stay, information on free Wi-Fi spots can be a lifesaver. This guide will introduce you to various spots across Metro Manila, from shopping malls to cafes and public spaces, where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi in Shopping Malls

Ayala Malls

At Greenbelt, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, and Trinoma, you can enjoy a comfortable internet connection in between shopping. Connect to the “AyalaMalls_FreeWi-Fi” network, register, and you’ll have free access for one hour.

SM Supermalls

Free Wi-Fi is offered through the “SM Free Wi-Fi” network in SM Malls throughout Metro Manila. Here too, the free usage is limited to one hour, so make sure to use your time wisely.

For extended use, connect to “GoWiFi_Auto,” a paid service. Upon connecting, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number, then input the verification code sent via SMS. After that, you can select your desired plan and proceed with payment.


One of Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares, EDSA, is known for its heavy traffic and hosts a wide array of commercial establishments, office buildings, shopping malls, and government agencies. As part of various measures to address traffic issues, the government provides free Wi-Fi along EDSA, available at all MRT-3 stations, accommodating up to 3,000 users at once with speeds reaching 200-300Mbps.

Free Wi-Fi in Cafes

Bo’s Coffee

Free Wi-Fi is available for customers at Bo’s Coffee outlets scattered across Metro Manila. It’s an ideal place to enjoy local coffee while working or studying.

Café France

Not all outlets offer free Wi-Fi, but if you’re looking for fast internet, the Valero branch in front of Citibank Tower is recommended.

Free Wi-Fi in Restaurants/Fast Food Chains


Free Wi-Fi is available for customers at select McDonald’s outlets. Before ordering your nuggets, ask at the counter for Wi-Fi information.

Burger King

Most Burger King outlets offer free Wi-Fi, making them favorite spots for students and business professionals needing internet access on the go.


Free Wi-Fi spots in Metro Manila are a boon for travelers. By utilizing the spots mentioned in this article, you can stay connected without worries during your transit or short stay. Downloading the Wifi Map app can also help you quickly identify free Wi-Fi locations in Manila.

However, be cautious as free Wi-Fi may not always be secure, and there’s a risk of personal information leakage, especially when using credit cards. If security concerns remain, purchasing a SIM card might be a better option. For recommendations on SIM cards and purchasing methods, consider exploring further resources.

Additionally, these spots can be handy when utilizing day-use hotels, allowing you to research your next destination or check-in online. Make the most of your visit to Metro Manila by smartly leveraging these free Wi-Fi spots, ensuring a comfortable and connected travel experience.

For those in Manila during a transit, consider utilizing day-use hotels to match your travel plans:

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