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Exploring Local Cuisine: A Must-Visit Guide to Shangri-La Plaza’s Best Restaurants for Manila Transit Travelers


How do you plan to spend your transit time in Manila? Spending long hours at the airport isn’t exactly the most exciting way to pass the time. Why not consider a short escape to the city?

Especially with “Camp CJ” offering a day-use plan with easy access to the city, heading to local cafes or shopping malls is one way to enjoy your time. Alternatively, you can take advantage of free access to pools and gyms within the facility. There are also services like Netflix and Youtube viewing, board games, card games, and mini karaoke, so those who prefer to spend quality time indoors will also find plenty to enjoy. For transit use, the 【12hrs】Daycation plan from 8:00-20:00 (30USD) is recommended.

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After refreshing at Camp CJ, you can further enhance your satisfaction with a delicious meal. That’s where the top-notch restaurants within Shangri-La Plaza come into focus. This article highlights must-visit dining spots within Shangri-La Plaza that transit travelers shouldn’t miss.

Gourmet Journey at Shangri-La Plaza

Shangri-La Plaza is one of Manila’s most popular shopping malls, partly due to the diverse gourmet restaurants it hosts. From affordable breakfast spots to luxurious dinner options, the mall caters to every need. If you’re seeking delicious yet local meals to soothe your travel fatigue, the following restaurants are a must-visit.

Sweet Inspirations Shangri-La Plaza

While Sweet Inspirations is famous for its bread and sweets, it also offers an extensive range of Filipino cuisine, from Mongolian rice bowls to traditional Filipino dishes. This unique dining experience provides a great opportunity to explore classic Filipino flavors and international dishes in one place. https://www.sweetinspirations.com.ph/


Specializing in Filipino-Hispanic cuisine, Corazon is managed by Chef Florabel and showcases various dishes that introduce the rich culinary traditions of the Philippines. The menu features everything from Sinigang and Kare-Kare to Crispy Pata, exploring the subtle differences in Filipino culinary traditions. It’s a place where local flavors stand out.

Official Site https://www.corazon.ph/

La Creperie – Shangri-La Plaza

If you have a sweet tooth, a stop at La Creperie is essential. From sweet to savory crepes, a variety of flavors are available. Their Apple Crisp ala Mode is perfect for a sweet finale.

Official Site https://lacreperieph.com/

The Best Choice During Transit

When stopping over in Manila, don’t just kill time at the airport. Refresh at the Camp CJ day-use hotel, then enjoy a culinary journey at Shangri-La Plaza. These restaurants ensure you can fully savor Manila’s flavors even during a brief stay.


Transit time in Manila isn’t just a waiting period but a chance to explore new culinary experiences. These restaurants within Shangri-La Plaza will make your short stay special. Paired with a day-use hotel like “Camp CJ,” you can relax and enjoy your journey to the next destination even more. Transform your brief transit time into a delicious adventure in Manila. We hope this article provides valuable information for planning your transit stay in Manila. Have you decided which restaurant to try yet?

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