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Enjoying Bali’s Festivals during a Transit Stay at Denpasar International Airport!

For travelers stopping over in Bali during their transit, deciding how to spend that short stay is a crucial concern. Instead of killing time in airport lounges, why not participate in local festivals to immerse yourself in Balinese culture? This article suggests optimal ways to enjoy your transit time, focusing on Bali’s festivals.

Festivals to Experience in Bali

Bali Arts Festival

Held annually from June to July, this festival offers the best opportunity to enjoy Bali’s traditional arts and culture. Over a month, dance, music, and craft exhibitions captivate not only locals but tourists from all over the world.

The “Bali Arts Festival” (abbreviated as PKB) held in Denpasar city from June to July features contests showcasing folk dances and the traditional “Gamelan” musical instrument.

Bali Kite Festival

Taking place during the windy season from July to August, this festival features a spectacular sight of colorful kites adorning the sky, visible at various beaches. Kite flying is part of Bali’s traditional harvest thanksgiving ceremony, providing an unforgettable scene for visitors.

Nyepi (Day of Silence) (March 11, 6:00 am to March 12, 6:00 am, 2024)

This day, celebrating the Balinese Saka New Year, envelops the entire island in silence. Colorful parades and ceremonies occur the day before, and the contrast of stillness on Nyepi is especially striking. On Nyepi day, tourists are prohibited from leaving their hotels, and even indoor use of electricity and fire is restricted. Although some hotel restaurants operate early in the morning, the night is spent in complete darkness. Breaking these rules, even as a non-Hindu tourist, can result in arrest by the police without mercy.

Galungan and Kuningan

Important religious festivals in Bali, believed to be when gods descend to earth. During this period, Bali is adorned with special decorations, and the festive atmosphere can be felt everywhere. “Galungan” & “Kuningan” are celebrated based on the Wuku calendar every 210 days as a set. In 2024, “Galungan” occurs on February 28 and September 25, followed by “Manis Galungan” the next day, and “Kuningan” nine days later.


If you’re transiting through Bali during these festival periods, checking the festival schedule in advance and choosing events accessible from the airport is key. Participating in these cultural events, even within a limited time, will add a new page to your travel memories.

After enjoying the festival, refreshing at a day-use hotel is recommended. Taking a shower or resting a bit can prepare you for your next flight.

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