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Denpasar International Airport Transit: New Regulations for Bali Visit – A Guide to the Tourist Tax for Foreign Visitors

Starting February 14, 2024, a new “Foreign Tourist Levy” will be implemented for visitors to Bali, potentially impacting your travel plans, whether you’re transiting for a few hours or planning a longer stay. This article delves into the new regulation, providing essential information to ensure a smooth visit to Bali.

Background of the Tourism Tax

Bali attracts tourists worldwide with its natural beauty and cultural richness. However, increased tourism has put pressure on the island’s environment and cultural heritage. By introducing this new tourism tax, the Bali provincial government aims to mitigate tourism’s impact and strive for sustainable development and protection of Bali. This tax will collect 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah (about 9.6 USD) per tourist before departure, to be used for cultural and environmental conservation activities

Payment Methods and Procedures

The payment of the tourism tax is designed to be flexible. Tourists are recommended to pay online through the “Love Bali” system before visiting Bali, but it is also possible to pay upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport’s international arrival lobby.

As you walk through customs and follow the corridor, you will find a tourism tax payment booth, where payment can be made via credit card or QR code payment. Note that cash is not accepted, and QR code payments are only available through Indonesian systems like Go-Pay or OVO, making credit card payment the primary option for tourists.

Once the payment is completed, a levy voucher with a QR code is sent via email, serving as proof of payment. Ensure to save this Levy Voucher on your device, as you’ll need to present it at the airport upon departure. Failure to present this proof may result in being asked to pay the tax again.

Exemptions and Application Process

Certain categories of people are exempt from the tourism tax, including diplomatic and official visa holders, transport crew members, and holders of KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit) or KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit), essential for foreigners staying in Indonesia long-term. To apply for an exemption, eligible individuals must apply through the “Love Bali” system at least five days before arriving in Bali. The process is designed to be straightforward and quick for those eligible

Cautions and Awareness of Scams

With the introduction of new regulations, it’s crucial to be vigilant against payment system errors, fraudulent sites, and agents charging unfair service fees. Make payments only through the official “Love Bali” system and stay informed with the latest information from official sources.


The introduction of this new tourism tax affects all foreign tourists visiting Bali. However, understanding and preparing for this regulation can make your visit more seamless and enjoyable. Understanding how this tax applies is crucial for avoiding issues, whether using day-use hotels or planning a longer stay. Let’s support and understand this new tourism tax system as part of preserving the beauty and culture of Bali.

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