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Complete Guide to Purchasing a SIM Card at Ninoy Aquino International Airport: Making Your Manila Transit Comfortable (2024 Latest Edition)

Are you wondering if you can purchase a travel SIM card at Manila International Airport during your transit in the Philippines? The answer is “Yes.” This guide introduces you to the latest prices as of January 2024, general recommendations, the best SIM card options for the Philippines, and everything you need to know to stay connected during your trip to Manila.

Reasons to Buy a SIM Card at Manila Airport During Transit

Having your mobile phone constantly connected to data is incredibly convenient while traveling. Finding a way to maintain connectivity abroad is an essential part of travel planning. To avoid high roaming charges, you can order an eSIM card for the Philippines online in advance or purchase a prepaid SIM card for the Philippines upon arrival at Manila Airport.

In Manila, more places, including public spaces, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls, are offering free Wi-Fi. Using these Wi-Fi spots allows you to maintain internet access while saving on data usage. However, public Wi-Fi may pose security risks, so be cautious when entering personal information or conducting important transactions.

Choosing Between eSIM and Prepaid SIM Cards

eSIM cards are convenient but often expensive. Depending on your data needs, it might be worth ordering an eSIM card for the Philippines online before your trip.

Pros and Cons of SIM Cards

Wide compatibility, usable in many devices worldwide.Risk of loss or damage
Easy to switch carriers by changing physical cards.Different devices may require adapters due to varying SIM slot sizes.
Prepaid SIMs can be easily purchased locally and used immediately.Physical store visit required to purchase a new SIM card.

Pros and Cons of eSIM

No physical card needed, eliminating the risk of loss or damage.Limited device and carrier support, offering fewer options.
Multiple carrier profiles can be stored in the device, making it easy to switch services while traveling.eSIM setup may require a carrier’s activation process, which can be complex.
Slimmer devices and saved internal space.Troubleshooting can be more difficult than with physical cards if technical issues arise.

General Recommendations

Generally, purchasing a Smart SIM card at Manila Airport is recommended, with about $17USD for 73GB of data. Ordering an eSIM card online in advance is more economical for the Philippines, starting at $4USD. Ordering an eSIM online before traveling ensures you’re ready to connect to the internet upon arrival, saving time at the airport and allowing you to start your activities smoothly from day one.

Best eSIM for Short Stays

For smart travelers in the Philippines, communication is crucial. To avoid high international roaming charges and the hassle of purchasing a SIM card locally, the eSIM service “Airalo” is gaining attention. This article introduces Airalo’s services and the benefits of using it during your trip to the Philippines.

What is Airalo?

Airalo offers an eSIM service available in over 190 countries worldwide. With no physical SIM card needed, you can easily purchase an eSIM online and download it to your smartphone or tablet for immediate data connection. Airalo provides various data plans in many countries, including the Philippines, offering flexibility to match travelers’ needs.

Benefits of Airalo eSIM in the Philippines

Instant Connection: Connect to the internet via Airalo the moment you land at the airport. Pre-purchasing an eSIM saves you the hassle of looking for a SIM card locally.

Affordable Prices: Airalo offers various data plans for the Philippines at affordable prices, much cheaper than using international roaming.

Easy Setup: Setting up an eSIM is simple, requiring only a QR code scan from Airalo’s website. No special technical knowledge is needed.

Wide Compatibility: Airalo’s eSIM can be used in most smartphones, tablets, and other devices that support eSIM.

Airalo eSIM Plans for the Philippines

Airalo offers several data plans for visitors to the Philippines, from small data plans for short stays to large plans suitable for long stays or business use. Prices and data volumes can be chosen based on your travel needs and duration, making your stay in the Philippines more comfortable and efficient.

Download Airalo here

Purchasing at Manila Airport vs.

In the City If you plan to use a lot of data, purchasing at Manila Airport is recommended. However, if you’re looking for a more economical SIM card, buying one in a city mobile phone shop can save you money.

In Manila, many mobile phone shops offer services to tourists and locals alike. Here are examples of common places in the city where you can purchase SIM cards:

  • SM Malls: Numerous large shopping malls called SM Malls in the Philippines usually have official stores or retail outlets of Globe, Smart, and other mobile carriers.
  • Robinsons Malls: Similar to SM Malls, Robinsons Malls are located nationwide and have mobile phone shops where you can buy SIM cards.
  • Ayala Malls: Located in major cities in the Philippines, Ayala Malls have official Globe and Smart stores, as well as other mobile phone shops.
  • Greenhills Shopping Center: Known for selling electronics, mobile phone accessories, and SIM cards, this shopping center in San Juan, Manila, offers various products at competitive prices.
  • Local electronics and mobile phone shops: Small-scale electronics stores and mobile phone shops scattered throughout Manila and other urban areas often carry Globe and Smart prepaid SIM cards.

Major Mobile Carriers in the Philippines

Globe Telecom

Service Coverage: Globe has an extensive network throughout the Philippines, especially strong in urban and business districts.

Plans and Offers: Globe offers a variety of plans for households and individuals, including data, call, and text messaging plans. Globe also regularly runs special promotions to enhance access to video streaming services and social media platforms.

Customer Service: Globe emphasizes customer support, providing assistance online, by phone, and in stores.


Service Coverage: Smart also has a wide network across the Philippines, with strengths in servicing rural areas.

Plans and Offers: Smart offers competitively priced plans, including unlimited data plans and call plans to overseas, appealing to business users and those who frequently call abroad.

Technological Innovation: Smart focuses on technological innovation, being one of the first carriers to deploy 5G services in the Philippines.

Choosing Factors

Coverage: It’s important to check network coverage in your living area or places you frequently visit. Globe may provide better service in some areas, while Smart may be better in others.

Plan Contents: Choose a carrier that offers plans best suited to your usage patterns. Consider your data usage, call frequency, and text messaging needs.

Customer Service: The quality of customer service is also an important criterion. Consider whether you can receive quick and effective support when issues arise.

Compared to the convenience of purchasing a SIM card at Manila Airport, city stores may offer a wider variety of options and plans, sometimes at slightly cheaper prices. However, be aware that English service may be limited in some shops, so it’s crucial to thoroughly check communication conditions and plan details before purchasing.


This guide has provided information on purchasing a SIM card in Manila. Travelers visiting Manila are advised to use this information to make the best choice. Also, consider using an eSIM card to make your communication during your stay in Manila more economical and convenient. An eSIM can be easily set up online in advance, allowing you to start using it immediately upon arrival, smoothing both the preparation and execution of your trip.

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