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Avoiding Power Troubles During Your Transit Stay in Manila


A transit stay in Manila provides an excellent opportunity for a comfortable rest during your journey. However, using electronic devices in a foreign country can sometimes lead to unexpected troubles, especially with power sources, which can significantly impact the comfort of your trip. This article offers crucial information and practical tips for safely using electronic devices during your short stay in Manila.

Plug and Socket Types

In Manila, the primary type of outlet is Type A, characterized by two vertical slots. This is the type found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and other countries. There are also three-slot outlets, but these are mainly for large appliances or specific facilities, and they rarely pose a problem for the typical traveler’s electronics.

Necessity for Adapter Plugs

Generally, the outlets in Manila are compatible with many international standards. However, if the plug shape of your electronic device differs, you will need an adapter plug. Adapter plugs are easily obtainable at airports or local electronics stores, and they are often reasonably priced, so checking in advance is a good idea.

Voltage and Frequency Differences

The voltage in Manila is 220V, with a frequency of 60Hz. Since many countries have different voltages and frequencies, it’s important to check if your electronic devices are compatible with Manila’s power supply before your visit. Using devices not compatible with the voltage can cause them to malfunction and may lead to fire or electrocution risks.

Using a Transformer

A transformer might be necessary to accommodate voltage differences. However, many modern electronic devices can automatically adjust to a voltage range of 100V–240V, making a transformer unnecessary in many cases. Nonetheless, if you intend to use specific products, you’ll need to verify the necessity of a transformer and select an appropriate one if needed.


Paying a little attention to the use of electronic devices is necessary when staying in Manila during a transit. However, with the right preparation, you can avoid power troubles and enjoy a comfortable time. Keep in mind the points mentioned in this article to make the most of your short stay in Manila.

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