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What is DayDreamHub?

DayDreamHub is the first day-use hotel booking site in Asia, specializing in day-use stays,
but also offering a wide range of hotels suitable for various purposes, including early check-ins.

You can use hotels for a variety of scenarios,
including transit, business, and travel.

To make your travels and daily life more fulfilling...

DayDreamHub was born from the idea:

“If only we could casually use a space that’s a step above the ordinary, just for a short while.”

“If only there was a place to rest somewhere other than the airport while waiting for the next connection.”

“If only we could store our luggage and rest in a bed for early morning or late night flights.”

  • For comfortably spending long transit hours or waiting times, 
  • When you need a place for meetings or work just for a short while,
  • When you want to indulge in some alone time,
  • When you wish to create memories with someone special,
  • Or when you need a break during your travels,

using a hotel’s day-use service is highly recommended for such occasions.

We believe that by offering people around the world the new option of “day-use,” they can make the most of every moment in their travels and daily life, potentially transforming each day into a more fulfilling experience.

DayDreamHub offers a new refreshing experience!

Features of Kyodake

Many hotels with Japanese language support are listed.

Have you ever had trouble communicating in Japanese when using a hotel overseas? Kyodake provides a large number of hotels with Japanese-language services, so even those who do not speak a foreign language can use the hotels with peace of mind.

Kyodake's website is filled with the supportive information toward Japanese people.

Kyodake's website offers fulfilled support for Japanese people. You can easily contact to the hotel when you have some trouble or need to cancel your reservation.

All is Done Through Kyodake!

Kyodake not only lists hotels, but also provides route guidance to hotels and the lists of English conversations for check-in. We support you in various aspects of hotel use.

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