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What is Kyodake?

Kyodake is an overseas hotel reservation site for Japanese people specializing in “day-use.”
Our day-use reservation website supports the activities of Japanese people living overseas and people staying long term for travel and business.

We would like you to spend this day as special

When you want to concentrate on work, spend luxurious time alone, make memories with your loved ones, or take a break from your schedule, we recommend using a hotel for day-use.
However, overseas hotel websites do not have enough support to Japanese, and it is difficult to understand.
Kyodake wants you to
“feel comfortable using day use services overseas.
“have a special day through a hotel experience that can only be had overseas.

This is how Kyodake was born.
We believe that if we can provide better support for Japanese people and help them use hotels with peace of mind, we can make their life there more relieved and turn it into a special day.

Kyodake is here to support your day abroad.

Features of Kyodake

Many hotels with Japanese language support are listed.

Have you ever had trouble communicating in Japanese when using a hotel overseas? Kyodake provides a large number of hotels with Japanese-language services, so even those who do not speak a foreign language can use the hotels with peace of mind.

Kyodake's website is filled with the supportive information toward Japanse people.

Kyodake's website offers fulfilled support for Japanese people. You can easily contact to the hotel when you have some trouble or need to cancel your reservation.

All is done through Kyodake!

Kyodake not only lists hotels, but also provides route guidance to hotels and the lists of English conversations for check-in. We support you in various aspects of hotel use.

Do you have any vacant rooms?

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